dusty gallagher


The man in charge of the guys in charge of deliciousness is Dustin A. Gallagher, Esquire. Enthusiastic smiler, gleeful taster of everything and proud family man, his background stems back to working at Susur in its prime. Stints on Top Chef Canada and Iron Chef America got him some shine but his food unquestionably speaks for itself. You'll never catch him side-plating a dish or unnecessarily squiggling a sauce - his style is straight-forward crunch to squish ratio-rooted. He's also the exec chef and a partner at our sister spot Peoples Eatery, located in Chinatown on Spadina Avenue. 



Alex is the guy in charge of making the cooks cook things properly. Also chief organizer, his reorientation of the walk-in fridge and dry storage areas are legendary. His background is fairly diverse, having grown up in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, as well as here in Toronto. He worked at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club as well as at Lucien in Toronto before joining the team at 416 in 2013 - doing a stint at sister restaurant Peoples Eatery, then coming back to take the reins in 2017.  Overall nice guy, but don't leave things mussed up in the kitchen or he'll muss you up.  



Melissa Curr and Daniel Sanchez are the front of house management tandem in charge of making sure hospitality is extended, wines are the right temperature, lights are correct, napkins are folded when you're up to pee - all of the stuff that keeps the front humming. 416 is all about offering an elevated level of service in what looks like a dive bar - and these two are in charge of making that happen. Mel's come up happened at King Street staple Buca, as well as Cocktail Bar and The Harbord Room.   Daniel's experience is diverse: Soho House, Peoples Eatery, Campagnolo, Grand Electric.. we could go on.