416 SNACK BAR is a bar about Toronto. What does that mean? It's really quite simple: with each snack we serve, we aim to represent the quality and diversity that characterizes this beautiful city. Statistically, it's the most ethnically abundant urban place on the planet, with almost 49% of our population being foreign-born and no one group dominating this half of our friends and neighbours. The result: proprietors Dave Stewart and Adrian Ravinsky grew up trying to find the city's best Jamaican beef patty, the best margarita pizza, the best souvla - and aim to bring that type of snack to your face.  

Over the last decade, things have changed a lot in Toronto, and definitely for the better. So we celebrate that every day at 416. 

It's been said that our lack of a distinct regional cuisine means that Toronto doesn't have it's own culture - we strongly disagree. Our culture is a culture of many cultures, living happily together - respectfully distinct and highly delicious. Come stuff your face and see what we mean.